When Your Goals are TERRIFYING

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What Mr. Winning Williams and I often talk about are our goals. We don’t always look at them in a cut-and-dry manner, but we sure do look forward to a good quarterly budget review (7 days away, oh yeah!) After years of setting, and achieving, enormous goals, you would think that we would always have an air of dogged confidence about reaching these goals.


100% debt free in our 20s– BAM! Crushed it!

Published author – BAM! Goal achieved!

Successful corporate careers- BAM and BAM! Owned it!


Each of these tasks were unthinkable and far off when we first set them, but we took them on and now have our sights on new goals. While we should be propelled by our past success to continue knocking down bigger and bigger goals, we often gawk at them ourselves. In the middle of discussing the idea of traveling the world for years on end after we reach financial independence and retire early, we find ourselves saying, “well, that won’t happen. We have it good now, we don’t need to leave.” We cling to the security of the life that we do know because change is scary!


We have made reference to our Great Downsizing of 2015 when we moved from a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home into a 1-bedroom, 1 -bath apartment. YIKES! This was also a good 30 minutes from where we had been living and where Mr. Winning Williams had lived for his whole life. DOUBLE YIKES! And it was because I was starting a new job, which was exciting but always comes with a bit of apprehension. We questioned ourselves routinely during the move, did everything really fall into place, or were we just making a hasty decision? After my vehicle was sold it was clear that there was no going back. We had crossed the line from “we have a goal to live more deliberately, to downsize our living space, and reduce our reliance on our vehicles” to “that crazy couple who actually moved out of the cushy home and now only has a decade-old Camry to get around in.” What we had once talked about as “a crazy idea,” that was “not gonna happen” because we had been happy with our current jobs, turned into the opportunity that we had been looking for overnight.


The point of this post isn’t to brag about how great we are at reaching our goals. (We’re the Winning Williams, it’s sort of implied in the name.) The point is to encourage you to stop second-guessing your own big and scary goals. If your goals don’t challenge you, or scare you a little bit, then they won’t bring about the life that you want to live.


Is it your goal to be 100% out of debt, even though you currently owe over 6-figures? What a great goal! It might seem difficult or even impossible now, but when you are standing on the other side and have the perspective you will see that it was pretty easy to accomplish.


Is it your goal to retire in your mid-thirties with a specific amount of savings, even though you have no way to predict what financial disruptions the future might hold? (That is our super-scary goal right now!)


Which of your financial goals terrify you? Which of your financial goals is motivating you to take action right now? What can you do today to take that first step towards the scariest goal you can imagine setting for yourself?

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