Football Season Challenge Recap

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Back in August of 2015 we posted our 2nd Annual Football Season Challenge. We were so excited by the previous year’s challenge that we decided to share year two with the world. We hoped that others would take on the challenge and enjoy it as much as we did.

The professional football season ended a few weeks ago and instead of reigning in the end of the season with excitement and cheering, we ended it with exhaustion and ice-packs.


Here is what happened between the beginning and end of the season:

Burpees and Push-ups while watching football (push-ups when our team scores, burpees when the bad-guys score)

We weren’t very good with this one. We planned some of our workouts around the game schedule for Sundays, Monday evenings and some Thursday evening games. We ran and lifted, but we weren’t consistent with the push-ups and burpees. Then in October our TV broke. It would turn itself on and off randomly without any rhyme or reason. Since we had cut our time in front of the TV down, we didn’t miss it much, but we did miss some great football games.

Complete ½ marathon (we signed up for one in mid-December)

We both completed the trail half-marathon in December. Check! Got this one done! But, we both completed a second half-marathon before the season was up. Here is why…

Mr. Winning Williams- train for a full marathon

So this is where our season got really interesting. Mr. Winning Williams battled some intense training to prepare for his first marathon ever. Family came to cheer and support and the night before the race we kept monitoring the weather. January in Florida is supposed to be ridiculously predictable, but that weekend was a huge exception. A large front came in and flooded part of the marathon course. High winds were blowing palm fronds and lounge furniture cushions across the road. As Mr. Winning Williams stood at the starting line, already an hour delayed, the race director announced that the marathon and ultra-marathon for that day were cancelled, but that everyone could still do the half marathon. I was crushed for Mr. WW, but he was such a trooper and he took off on his way. The winds continued to kick up and when he crossed the finish line in under 2 hours he told us all about his adventures in 40 mph winds to finish the half.

After the race Mr. WW was clearly exhausted, happy with his time for the half marathon, but a little frustrated about not getting his marathon done. All of that painful training had been a wash. He said he didn’t plan on training for a marathon again. So I hopped online and found another marathon on the other coast of Florida (a 2.5 hour drive away) three weeks later. The race would be on Super Bowl Sunday. We looked at our schedules and kept an eye on the weather. 5 days out we saw a clear and sunny forecast and we both signed up! Mr. WW did the marathon and I did another half marathon. The next day the forecast turned on us once again. Our race day would be cloudy, rainy, windy, and cold.

Mr. WW did it! He ran a marathon in 40 degree weather and battling, once again, 30 mph winds. He worked so hard and made this goal a reality! I’m so proud of him!


Because Mr. Winning Williams love the Bucs. He ran a Marathon, he gets to have his favorite team featured, only seems fair!

We drove home and crashed after the race, exhausted and sore. We watched some of the game at his parent’s house (Senior Winning Williams) and left at half-time to go home and sleep.

Just because we had obstacles in our way, we weren’t deterred from our larger goal. We may not have ended the season as we intended, but we are pretty happy with where we ended up!

Our end results may have evolved away from the initial goals and expectations; nonetheless, the initial goal setting motivated us and pushed us forward in a positive direction. The natural desire to achieve move pushed Mr. WW to reach this accomplishment. Once you get positive momentum going, whether its financial, exercise habits, diet, or spiritual, watch out for what you can accomplish!


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