Mrs. Winning Williams: What Being Debt-Free Has Bought Me

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Not too long ago my amazing husband, Mr. Winning Williams did a post about the best investments he made. I thought I would take a try at a solo-post as well.

Being debt-free has bought me several things. The first of which has been confidence. Paying off all of my student loan debt (not a small number by any means with close to $20K when I graduated) before I turned 23 was amazing. I had a huge weight lifted off of me, and instead of spending my time thinking about it and feeling limited, I was free to save more. This was a huge boost to my confidence (and my savings accounts).

Aside from the financial benefits and confidence, I have been able to pursue more of my own interests. Over the past few years I had written novels (yes, plural) but felt like no one would ever want to publish them. I let my ambition sit on the back burner. But with my ever growing confidence I finally decided to write my third novel, which I finished a month or so ago.

Armed with my new confidence I started the process of becoming a self-published author. There was a lot to research and learn. There were endless articles and posts that there was no money in self-publishing and that the book I had worked so hard on would likely remain unknown and unread. But I persisted.

And finally, on Thursday morning I saw the most wonderful e-mail in my inbox: “Your book is available for pre-order in Kindle Store!” Thanks Amazon!

It was an amazing feeling and I know that this success is a direct result of getting out of debt and prioritizing my goals.

You may not dream of being a writer, maybe there is something else that you are aiming for in your life. Don’t let your financial situation block you from your dreams. You can pay off your debt. You can go after the things in life that you want. Life is too short to spend another second limiting yourself.

And… you can purchase my book, Nailbiters, for $.99 on Amazon now! (Of course it is less than $1, I wouldn’t ask others to pay more than I would be willing to spend on it 🙂 )

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