What do you actually get for free?

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As self-proclaimed frugal experts and personal finance enthusiasts you might think that we know the secret of how to get many cool and expensive items for free. Well we don’t in some ways, and in other ways we do. Here’s a list of all the luxury items we have been able to get for free:


  1. Dinner and a movie date– We donated blood a few months ago when we saw this incentive. Having never donated before we were surprised by the positive experience. A few weeks later we found out that Mrs. Winning Williams is O-, which is the blood type that is commonly in demand. We now get reminders to donate as soon as we are eligible and have timed it with other offers. FREEBIE- Vouchers for movie tickets and a meal, feeling of helping others.
  2. Stylish Haircuts– As working professionals we know that we need to maintain a certain level of personal hygiene and grooming commensurate with our positions. About a year ago we started cutting our own hair and we still look great. Most people can’t even tell that we do our own hair at home. FREEBIE- Fancy haircuts, gain time together and an appreciation for each other.
  3. Endless movie collectionWe consistently frequent our local library for books, cds, and movies. We have an endless movie collection at our fingertips. FREEBIE- technically this cost is included in our property tax, but we get fun date-nights on a frequent basis.
  4. Time together– Yes this is a luxury. In our culture where many prioritize their career, weekly shows, social media check-ins and other mindless items, we focus on spending quality time together. Maybe some cynics out there will point out that their relationship is great even though they don’t spend much time together. That’s good for you, but for us the luxury of our time in priceless and that we chose to spend so much of it together is ultimately the best gift we could ever give each other. FREEBIE- Meaningful relationship :).
  5. Space– A premium in almost every community, we as a culture seem to be unable to store all of our stuff within our homes. The storage unit industry is laughing all the way to the bank, but most consumers are stifled and drowning in their belongings. There are multiple time-wasting TV shows about it now. The Winning Williams have not only downsized in the past year, but continue to purge items that we simply do not need or want. Additional storage space can be expensive, we have completely side-stepped that money-pit. We have more than enough space in our one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo. FREEBIE- feeling of contentment with what we have and an aversion to taking “freebies” and promotional items because eventually it will just become clutter.

Ultimately the best thing that our frugal lifestyle has brought us is freedom from consumerism and materialism that seems to be rampant. We know that any purchases made are based on thoughtful consideration and more importantly, we can enjoy the experiences that we are collecting.

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