We’ve got friends in broke places

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The past few months of authoring and promoting this blog have been amazing. When we first toyed around with the idea of starting a blog we were excited, then we let the excitement fizzle-out until it was revived and we decided to just go for it. The response from strangers has been exciting. You mean, people actually want to read our thoughts on how they can get out of debt and retire early? Cool! Our main goal was to help others realize that they too can live debt free and achieve their goals, for us it is early retirement. Having complete strangers like and follow our blog has been amazing. But the most surprising reactions have come from people that we know.


While we have been focused on helping people that we don’t know feel empowered to get out of debt, we haven’t always opened up to our friends and family about our financial situation. It’s so awkward to just throw out into conversation, “oh hey we’re debt free!” so we’ve been pretty modest and tend to avoid discussing it with friends. We tend to not volunteer advice unless it is requested of us because we don’t want to seem like we are telling other people how to live their lives. One very unexpected side effect of the blog was that friends now come up to us more often and ask us about our stock portfolio, or how to line up their debt payments, or how to go 6 months without buying any new shoes. Say what! Y’all did want our advice all along? Just a few weeks ago we had old friends of ours that we had fallen out of regular contact with, post a message to us on Facebook specifically about our blog! That was pretty awesome, people that we didn’t even think would remember us, let alone read our blog, were actively engaging with us. Too cool!


It has been very exciting to get positive feedback from people that we know and we hope that all of this knowledge and experience can help anyone who is looking to get out of debt. But know one thing, we aren’t judging you! If you are in debt and living the lifestyle that will truly make you happy then we are happy for you. (We might subtly hint at asking yourself soul-searching questions so that you can find your true happiness, but we know that each person will have a different definition.) If you have racked your brain and your budget and can’t find any additional pennies to squeeze out to save more, then ok, you’re already ahead of a lot of people because you have a budget! Bravo!

For those who are still happy to not save then hopefully you can just support the fact that we are doing something that makes us happy. If you do ever want to talk to us about some techniques that apply to your situation then call us up or send an email! We won’t judge you! We promise 🙂

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