The Winning Williams Summer Reading List

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As we have mentioned before, we enjoy reading and we find that not watching TV has many budget oriented and mental benefits. Because of the combination of these factors, we have been able to read several books that resonated with our personal philosophy for living, saving and working towards our goal of retiring early so that we can live a more deliberate life.

Below are the books that we have enjoyed the most, quoted the most and would most recommend to you. You can likely find them at your local library, however we have provided links for you to be able to get them from Amazon so you can read them on a fancy e-reader too. Hopefully they will provide you with some insights and help you as you navigate your way to a financially free and happy life:

  • A Guide to the Good Life (Irvine, William): If this sentence doesn’t grip you, we don’t know what will : Without a philosophy of life, there is a danger that you will mislive.
  • Beyond Wealth (Green, Alexander): Excellent collection of essays that remind us that what we are after is not just “to be rich”, we want to be wealthy in experiences and our relationships.
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up (Kondo, Marie): This book is beyond a how-to for cleaning, but rather an explanation of how to only have items that bring you joy. After downsizing in January, we found we could still cut loose many of our material possessions that weighed us down.
  • The End of Over-Eating (Kessler, David A) : Mr. Winning Williams read this as part of a Coursera program: The Economics of Obesity. The book was very thought-provoking. You will never look at a restaurant menu the same way again.
  • Your Money or Your Life (Robin, Vicki): Excellent book describing why we as a people are striving to break out of the “rat-race” and live a life according to our definition, not society’s.

Please let us know if you have any books to recommend to us!

Happy Reading!

-The Winning Williams

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