This is going to change your life

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When Mr. Winning Williams and I met almost 5 years ago we both knew right away that our first interaction was significant. We didn’t know immediately that we would end up getting married, but we figured that out pretty quickly.

Well, if you have been reading through our blog and others thinking that you can make changes to your health and your fitness, but that everything else in your life is going to stay exactly the same, you’re wrong. I know, it’s scary to think that everything about your routine, your circle of friends, and everything that you do will be impacted by making the decision to be healthy or to focus on reducing your debt. But it will absolutely change your life.

When Mr. Winning Williams and I started to work out together every day we noticed that we had less time to sit around and watch TV, we didn’t enjoy delicious but nutrient-poor meals as much because we knew we were undoing all of our hard work. We started to read labels to know what we were putting into our body. We started to notice that our muscles were becoming more defined. We started to see our progress and began to push for more. There was no way we would have been able to set a goal for our fitness but not let it impact what we ate and the activities we did when we weren’t working out.

The same thing happened when we made a point to focus on gaining financial independence and decided to retire early (F.I.R.E). We had already been a frugal couple, but making this one decision has had a huge and amazing ripple effect. At first it helped to put our discretionary purchases into perspective. Then we found ways to be more efficient with our groceries and other bills. But soon it become easier to decline invitations to dine out weekly. Some friends were put off when we declined to go out to dinner, but we stayed true to ourselves. The friends that appreciate us for who we are have stuck around. We decided to challenge ourselves to spend as little as possible. This eliminated the mindless purchases that could jeopardize our savings goals. Within a year and a half of setting these goals I have changed jobs and now work for a company whose mission and leadership I can wholeheartedly support. We’ve sold one of our cars, we’ve moved and significantly downsized, we’ve changed every major detail about our lives.

So when you decide to take ownership of your health and start to workout and eat healthy- expect that it will change your entire life. When you decide that you absolutely must pay off your student loans this year, it will change your life. It won’t always be easy, but we can attest to the fact that it is absolutely worth it.

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