Welcome to Winning Williams

early retirement

Wow, that was a lot of “W”s. If you have found your way here then you might have an interest in personal finance, personal fitness, or being an awesome person in general. Welcome. This blog is the exciting side-project of, you guessed it, The Williams’. We have been living a great life together and have been finding inventive ways to be thrifty while continually evolving our lifestyle to be more healthy. Hopefully some of what we have learned and experienced can help you out as you become financially free, healthy and fit, or enjoy the life that you are living.


We figured that you might have a few initial questions, we’ll address more questions as they come up:

Why do you call yourselves “Winning Williams”? Is that a little presumptuous? What makes you so “Winning”?

Great question! Well, we like alliteration and one day after completing our weekend to-do list in record time one of us said “Winning Williams!” while throwing a high-five, and the name has stuck. We could try to be less showy about it and call ourselves the “Woefully Average Williams” but that’s not nearly as appealing… and not at all true.

Who are you really?

We are a married couple living in Florida. Sometimes Mr. Winning Williams will post, sometimes it’ll be the Mrs. Maybe we’ll co-author a few posts. We’ll see how this goes.

How do you live the best life possible?

That’s the question that we are all looking to answer. We think we’ve found what will lead us to an amazing life and we’re taking steps to get there. But what works for us might not work for you, or maybe some advice might resonate, some may not. Either way asking that question seems to be the first step in many great and transformative journeys. For us it is traveling the world while becoming financially independent, allowing us to do work that can contribute to society and provide meaning to us.

-Winning Williams

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